Tretman slane vode C10, do 35 m3/h

Tretman slane vode C10, do 35 m3/h
Úprava slané vody; Preporučeni volumen bazena: 25 m3; Produkcija klora: 10-35 g/h; Digitalni zaslon: ANO
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ID stavke:931010N
Kategorija: Obrada slane vode
Obrada slane vode

Compact SW-chrlorinator unit with IP65 65 protection and chlorine production of 10  grams per hour, for pools with up to 25 m3. Compatible with the VArio POOL CONTROL and the VA PRO SALT / VA PRO SALT pH units.

Recommended pool volume:

  • 20 m3 – water temp above 28°C
  • 25 m3 – water temp up to 28°C


  • Lower energy comsumption
  • Lower weight
  • IP65 protection – can be placed in underground technology spaces
  • Low operating temperature, providing for longer lilfespan
  • Compact, easy-to-install device
  • Higher chlorine production due to internal power source switching
  • Higher cell durability - up to 10.000 hours
  • Microchhip-controlled
  • 100% EU-produced
  • Manual chlorine production regulation
  • Low-salt / High-salt warnings
  • Self-cleaning


  • Diensions (mm) 280 x 250 x 135
  • Weight (kg) 4
  • Power source 230 V/50 Hz AC
  • Mex. cell current (A) 10
  • Max. output (W) 75
  • Cell power source 7,5 V DC
  • Recommended salinity 4-5 g/l (saltwater).
  • For use with seawater (up to 35 g/l), a SW adjustment is necessary.
  • Automatic switch-off by lack of water, gas accumulation in the cell, device overload or overheating and short-circuit.

Package contents:

  • VA SALT unit
  • Electrolytic cell
  • Flow switch

Installation diagram (same principle as the VA SALT SMART unit):

Tehnički parametri

Vrsta proizvoda:Úprava slané vody
Preporučeni volumen bazena:25 m3
Produkcija klora:10-35 g/h
Digitalni zaslon:ANO


Težina:3.2 kg
Količina u pakiranju:1
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